How it works

Single Rental


Useful Information

  1. The rental period is of four days
  2. The dress will arrive on the day you indicated as the first day of your rental period
  3. The dress has to be returned on day four
  4. Returns are free and easy to book with the instructions sent with the dress
  5. You can book a dress up to six months before your event
  6. We suggest to start your rental period two days before your event.
    Example: Your event is on a Wednesday, start your rental period on Monday
  7. All prices refer to the total for a rental period of four days
  8. All shipments within Italy are free

How do we guarantee a perfect fit?

  1. At registration you will fill in a form with all your measurements.
    Our seamstress will make temporary hems on long dresses to ensure a perfect fit.
  2. When ordering a dress you can choose a second backup size with no additional costs (if second size is available in the dates requested)
  3. When you receive your dress/dresses, if none of the sizes fit, you can choose another dress and we will do our best to deliver it on time for your event
  4. If none of the sizes fit and there are no other available dresses for the dates requested or there are no other styles you like, you can choose between a refund or a store credit